Independence Day at INS HAMLA

Naval colours at INS HAMLA
Dressing up for the parade

Officers contigent getting ready !!!
Sailors marching to the drums !!
Vishraam !!!
The parade commander with his sword !!!
Band playing the "Sare Jahaan Se Achha" tune !!
Rifle platoon in Vishraam !!

The commanding officer inspecting the guard of honour

Marching Rifle contingent !!

Rifle contingent saluting their CO

Officers platoon marching !! (My friends)

CO gives his Independence Day speech

And the XO looks on !!

Salaami Shastra !!!

Naval colours on the cloudy day !!


Anonymous said…
good post..luck u.
Unknown said…
my life in ins hamla.akasha beach are beautful place.juat right side in marwe beach